Clinical Physio Classes (formerly Clinical Pilates)

Whether you're recovering from an injury, want to improve your general strength or just participate in a great form of exercise, Clinical Physio classes are perfect for you.

What are Clinical Physio Classes

Clinical Physio Classes are a form of exercise that activates the deep core muscles in your body through a series of controlled movements that improves overall stability, flexibility, posture and strength.

Clinical Physio Classes are a great form of exercise for people with sporting injuries, back pain, neck pain, post pregnancy, pelvic instability, and people that want to improve sporting performance.

Clinical Physio Classes at JBA Physio

Our classes take a maximum of four people at a time, and each client works on an individually tailored program. Our staff are focused and attentive to the individual needs of each person in the class. 

Realtime Ultrasound is used in the initial assessment to objectively measure the function of your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and multifidus, which together are your 'core'. Pilates at JBA Physio is clinically based and all of our staff are physiotherapists. 

Claiming rebates for Clinical Physio Classes

JBA Physio is a registered provider for private health insurance, Work Cover, TAC and Veteran’s Affairs (DVA).

Clinical Physio class rebates can be claimed by most private health funds under ‘group physiotherapy’. Individual sessions can be claimed under ‘physiotherapy’.

CLINICAL PHYSIO CLASSES – reduces pain and injury recovery time
Pain is a pain. Whether it’s a serious injury or even just a slight ache, it affects how we approach life and make decisions. At JBA, we’re here to get you back on track. With a focus on long-term health, our dedicated Pilates instructors work with you to reduce overall recovery times as well as minimising the risk of future injuries.

Pilates incorporates mindfulness. Our instructors teach you how to properly focus your mind in order to achieve absolute control of the muscles in your body. What you learn in the studio will set you up for life with a continued awareness of your breathing and everyday movements. Clinical Physio classes also help to calm your thoughts, increase feelings of well-being and generally just de-stress.

CLINICAL PHYSIO CLASSES– a great form of exercise
If you’re simply looking for a fantastic way to get fit, our new exercise studio offers a welcoming, friendly space, as well as a peaceful work-out alternative to the noisy, crowded scenes of a public gym. Clinical Physio classes is truly a ‘whole body’ exercise, improving your strength, flexibility, posture, stability, coordination and circulation. It is also a great exercise for toning muscles, without adding extra bulk. 

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