You may have been told by your Private Health Insurance compay that Pilates will no longer be covered. Don’t despair. Pilates at JBA Physio will continue to be covered by insurers, and this is why.

JBA Physio’s Pilates classes are group physiotherapy and are not part of the “natural therapies” rebates. Only the natural therapies are getting removed from private health insurance policies. Our classes are taken by our physiotherapists and follow the physiotherapy clinical framework, and are thus considered physiotherapy treatment. The things we do that make sure our classes comply with insurers include individually assessing our clients, prescribing individualised programs, taking detailed clinical notes and re-assessing on a regular basis.

A few important factors need to be addressed to make sure you are eligible for claiming classes under physiotherapy. These include:

  • You need to have a current health issue that you are addressing in the classes. Classes cannot be for prevention or fitness.

  • You will need a re-assessment to continue to prove that you have an injury and are eligible for private health insurance rebates. This assessment is covered by your insurer under individual physiotherapy.

Overall, these reforms are a good thing. It is better for clients that there is accountability for Pilates and physiotherapy treatment, and that there are re-assessment touch points throughout the treatment cycle.

What you need to do.

Book in a re-assessment with your physio to ensure that you remain eligible for rebates throughout 2019. We will handle the rest!