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Helping to improve performance at CBJFC

Our mission is to help each player and team at CBJFC to give their best by improving fitness, strength and agility and by reducing the risk of injuries.

JBA Physio is a proud sponsor of the Caulfield Bears Junior Football Club for the 2019 Season.  Our Principal Physio, Jane Banting, has a Sports Science degree and has worked with the Peninsula Pirates Football Club, Caulfield Grammar Old Boys, the 2000 Sydney Olympics and countless other elite and community teams and sportspeople. Aki Nemoto is a Physio student with a keen interest in Sports Physiotherapy.

And of course we are available to treat injuries that you may have, but we’d rather focus on preventing them. Call us on 1300 292 894 if you need an appointment.

Download “Preventing ACL Injuries - Tips for girls

How it works

  • Jane and Aki will be attending training each week to provide advice and work with players on injuries. See the Calendar below for details.

  • A performance and injury prevention program will be run, to identify areas of risk and areas of improvement. This starts with a screening and recommended exercises for individual players

Performance starts with Screening

A Musculoskeletal Screening is the starting point for preventing injury and improving performance. We use the AFL’s screening protocol which has been designed specifically for our sport by Sports Physiotherapists.

We will examine each player’s strengths and weaknesses by examining the following skills:



  • vertical leap

  • landing safely

Breaking tackles

  • Core and upper body strength


  • Single leg balance

  • Hip flexibility


  • Accelerating and decelerating

  • Changing direction

Picking up the ball

  • Single leg balance

  • Hip flexibility

How can I get screened?

JBA Physio will be providing free musculoskeletal screening either at training and at JBA Physio.  Speak to your coach about being included.

We need parental consent

We will need parental consent to share the screening information.  Ask your coach for a consent form, or download one here. It won’t be shared with anybody else, except in de-identified form for research purposes.

What next?

JBA’s Physios will provide exercise recommendations to your coach. Your coach will help you to become fitter, stronger, more agile, and less likely to develop injuries.


What is musculoskeletal screening?

High impact sports, like AFL, naturally have higher injury rates. However, most soft tissue injuries are preventable.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) screenings are a test endorsed by the AFL and developed by the Australian Institute of Sport  and research physiotherapists. It is designed to identify individual factors that may predispose a player to injury and may impair a player’s performance on the training track and in games.

This is really exciting - It is evidence-based testing designed specifically for AFL players of all levels.

IN a 20 minute screening, we will do the following :

  • Medical history (via questionnaire)

  • Posture and alignment

  • Soft tissue flexibility and strength

  • Active movement analysis

  • Strength and endurance

  • Sports specific testing

For more information, watch the AFL video on musculoskeletal screenings HERE

Why should we get our players screened?

Musculoskeletal screenings show the weaknesses that a young player has, which impact on  the player's performance and increase their risk of injury. We provide suitable exercises to address these weaknesses.

How long does a screening take?

A screening will take approximately 20 minutes.

We’ve done the screening. What happens now?

We will share the results of the screening with the coaches in a spreadsheet.

If a problem or a risk of injuryhas been identified,  we will offer the player a more thorough physio assessment and treatment time at JBA Physio. In this appointment, the physio will treat as required, and  prescribe a specific exercise programme tailored to the player's areas of weakness.

If the player doesn’t require treatment but still has areas of weakness, the team physio will still prescribe an exercise programme tailored to the player’s profile.

For all medium-risk and high-risk players, we will reassess them 2-4 weeks after the initial screening, as advised by the physio.

assessment journey.png

Can the exercises the players are prescribed be incorporated into training?

Absolutely! There are strength and conditioning exercises that benefit all young AFL players. We are happy to talk with the coaches about how these exercises can be incorporated into their training sessions. We can provide the coaches with the literature that supports this approach.

What types of injuries are you screening for?

The following are common injuries in young footballers that the screening tests for:

Knee: Ligament tears and strains - ACL, PCL, medial

Hamstring muscle strain or tear

Quadriceps muscle strain or tear

Ankle/foot: Ligament tears and strains, Achilles tendinopathy, Stress fractures


  • Labral tears

  • Osteitis pubis

What performance areas are you screening for?

Musculoskeletal screening flags areas identifying fitness, agility and mobility. These performance areas are:

  • Running

    • Accelerating and decelerating

    • Changing direction

  • Jumping

    • Jumping/vertical leap

    • Landing safely

  • Kicking

    • Single leg balance

    • Hip flexibility

  • Picking up the ball

    • Bending

    • Lunging

  • Breaking tackles - core and upper body strength

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